Our quiet revolution

Kate sighed as she tried on a third pair of frames,
squinting at her reflection in the mirror.
They slipped down her nose as she lowered her
head. The eager assistant was smiling, nodding
her head and making all the right noises, “yes, they
look great – really suit you.” But, without her own
glasses on, Kate could barely see her reflection,
let alone the intricacies of the three frames that had
been selected for her.
She was about to spend £200 on something that
she couldn’t really see, chosen by someone who
didn’t really know her, or her style. She felt
irritable, impatient and increasingly deflated.
Sound familiar?

Imagine if buying new glasses could be
enlightening and fun, rather than stressful and
disappointing. Imagine stepping out with
confidence, both with your personal style and the
advice you were given.

We dare to be different!
From the minute you walk into one of our
Cooper & Barr practices, you’ll notice our quiet
revolution, one that will transform your entire outlook
on shopping for eyewear.
Our customers love our newly refurbished practices
because they feel less like confusing walls of frames
and more like coffee shops. We love them because
the atmosphere helps our clients relax and be
themselves – giving us a better idea of their
personality and style.

Our quiet revolution also embraces time. Not speed,
but time. Each Optometrist in our team values
spending time with you, actually talking to you about
your personal style, what makes you laugh and feel
comfortable and how to find frames that make you feel like you – or the new you.
Time looking at your facial features, the ones you want
to accentuate and those you want to play down.
Time exploring how the smallest details in frame
thickness, colour and material can transform your
glasses from ordinary to refreshingly different.
And yes, all this time takes time.

We don’t just offer expert eye care, but
an honest, refreshing experience that
puts the fun back into shopping for
glasses.  Dare to be different
and join our quiet revolution.

Let’s rewrite the rules
If you often struggle to find something that’s really
you, or you’ve always been told your face only suits
brown frames, or black, or rimless, our quiet
revolution also allows you to completely rethink the
rules and explore your own limits, all under the
friendly and honest guidance of our expert team.
You won’t find our selection of frames in other high
street stores, so let yourself loose and experiment.
Choice doesn’t have to be overwhelming have a little fun!
And with gorgeously original designer brands,
including Tom Davies, (customisable for the perfect fit
and available in bespoke colour combinations), Götti,
Orgreen, the super lightweight Silhouette and
beautiful wooden Feb 31st,
browsing has never been more enjoyable.
Loved your old glasses and want something similar?
Let us show you a brand new pair in a perfect fit,
complete with a subtle tweak to bring them up to date.

35 High Street STOKESLEY TS9 5AD
01642 710832
10 High Street SEDGEFIELD TS21 3AR
T: 01740 582060
21 Market Place THIRSK YO7 1HD
T: 01845 202007

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