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Summer Style

We all love a good sunbathe, right? But have you ever considered the implications UV rays have on your eyes?

Although sunglasses from high street stores may seem fashionable, over a period of time your eyes will begin to suffer from the lack of protection.

Buying sunglasses from opticians are an investment that will last through the ages. Getting yourself a classic brand such as a Rayban will last you throughout your countless holidays, nights out and pub meals.

Here at Cooper & Barr we realise how important sunglasses are to your image, with celebrities such as David Beckham and Beyonce not been seen without them. They add an element of sophistication to any outfit, so we keep that in mind when we choose our stock.

Our practices are full of high quality, luxury brands such as Prada, Michael Kors, Etnia Barcelona and Tiffany & Co., so we can offer you that ‘must have’ summer eye wear.

Through vigorous research we’ve found that high levels of sunlight throughout your life can increase your risk of developing cataracts!

So we’re advising you to be wise when you choose your sunglasses and pop into one of our 3 practices for a free consultation.


Don't let poor eyesight knock you off your game

Whether you’re skiing, swimming or snookering sometimes glasses and contacts are not practical, but at Cooper & Barr we can offer prescription lenses which can be incorporated into specially-designed sports eyewear.

Available in both adult's and children's sizes, tints and coatings are applied to reduce glare and improve contrast while adaptive tints and interchangeable lenses can be used to allow for varying light conditions too.

See in style with designer and prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses should be about protection, comfort and an enhanced visual experience, which we can offer you with or without your prescription lenses.

They are not only essential to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they are also a great fashion accessory that can complement your style all year round.

We offer a large variety of fashion and designer sunglass frames including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jum and Bulgari.

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