See more than before with an OCT health scan

We are offering a new advanced eye test where you can undertake the OCT experience - it’s not just your eyes we care about, it’s your general health too. A comprehensive eye health check isn’t just about your vision, or getting a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, it can reveal early problems or changes in your eye that you may be unaware of. In many cases of eye disease, by the time you notice visual symptoms, irreversible damage has occurred. If we can detect any problems earlier, it allows for early treatment and a better outcome for you.

At Cooper & Barr we have invested in the very latest technology and our Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) is used to study your eyes in incredible detail allowing early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Retinal Detachments and much more. We keep records of these images and compare them next time you visit, year on year. Having an OCT screening in combination with your normal eye test will allow us to obtain the most detailed information about your overall eye health.

OCT screening is included in our enhanced private eye examinations however if you’re eligible for an NHS sight test you can upgrade to include OCT screening for a small charge (typically £25, though we have a range of scan options available from £10 to £35, your optometrist will be able to advise you further).

We believe that OCT screening is of benefit to all our clients, but particularly if you or anyone in your family has glaucoma or macular degeneration, if you have any concerns about your vision or have recently undergone eye surgery, or just because you’re interested in seeing the inside of your eyes!