Your eyes are a mirror to your health.

We’ve been looking after the eyes of many people in our local area for over 90 years, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two. Principally, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. And not being rushed. That’s why we allow 30 - 45 minutes for our comprehensive eye examinations, so that we can take the time to determine the optimal spectacle or contact lens prescription, or utilising the latest in advanced technology to assess your eye health in depth.

We may charge a little more than other opticians, that’s because we feel your eyes are worth it! Our Iris Visioncare plan allows you to enjoy the peace of mind of regular eye examinations combined with a unique range of savings and benefits from an affordable £9 per month.

 The NHS pays for a basic level sight test and we offer a limited number of these appointments, however the majority of people choose to upgrade for a small fee to our advanced level eye examinations which are provided to our private clients.

Our practices are also part of “red-eye” schemes in conjunction with local hospitals and GPs, so you can contact us for appropriate guidance if you have sore, red or gritty eyes, or blurry or distorted vision.

Children's Eye Care

Good vision is critical to a child’s early educational, functional and social development.

All our optometrists are parents themselves, so know how to make an eye test a fun and enjoyable experience for children. As many as 1 in 5 children have uncorrected vision problems, so we recommend all children have regular check-ups from age 4. 

Good vision is critical to a child’s educational, functional and social development, so we’re happy to see younger children if you have concerns about their eyes or vision.

Sight tests are FREE on the NHS for all children under 16, plus children receive a voucher to use towards the cost of glasses. 


“You could have a great pair of shoes or a great suit, but people are first connecting with your face, so finding the right pair of glasses is crucial” - Garrett Leight.

It’s fair to say that glasses are making a comeback in the style stakes.
 Every day we see clients who are up for trying something just that little bit different to the frames they’ve had before. 

Our focus is on high quality, stylish and contemporary frames that you won’t find in town centre optical stores, sourced from genuine designers who take pride in the manufacture of their creations from across Europe and beyond.

We want you to be overjoyed with your new eyewear, and so you can buy from us with complete confidence, thanks to our price match, 30 day frame choice and 30 day varifocal guarantees. 
We don’t believe in luring people in with cut price deals, but we do run genuine offers, promotions and competitions, following us on social media is the best way to hear about this first.

We’d love to see how far Cooper & Barr specs can travel! Why not post a picture on our Facebook page?


There’s a lot more to spectacle lens design, and coatings, than you might think. If you’re into the science behind it all, our Dispensing Opticians will happily share their knowledge with you. For the rest of us mere mortals, the lens geeks within the practice have selected a catalogue of lenses from which they can personally recommend designs perfectly suited to your lifestyle needs. 

Lens design isn’t limited to either distance or near. Whether you need specific lenses for computer use, driving or sport, we can find a solution for you. Specialised tints and coatings can enhance your vision just when you need it most, and advances in lens technology has reduced the swimmy sensation experienced when wearing old style varifocals.

Being independent means that we can source products from virtually any manufacturer, however our preferred suppliers include Nikon, Zeiss and Optik Mizen. We feel they have the best product range that we also understand inside and out.

Contact Lenses

Experience perfect vision all day, without the need for glasses.

We’re experienced in fitting all types of contact lenses, including multifocal lenses, gas permeable lenses and Ortho-K overnight vision correction, so we can find a lens that suits your needs. Giving you wider fields of vision, contact lenses are less restrictive than glasses and can be worn for sports or activities where glasses would be impractical.

Contact lenses are paid monthly via direct debit. Benefits from this scheme include:
• All routine contact lens appointments (usually 1 – 2 a year)
• Any additional checks which may be needed
• Access to competitively prices contact lenses and solutions
• At least 20% off glasses and sunglasses
•A comprehensive contact lens, retinal imaging and spectacle check up every year.


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A 90-year old family business spanning over three generations…

First opening its doors in 1925, Cooper & Barr is a family-run business spanning over three generations and serving over 25,000 patients throughout the North East and North Yorkshire.

William and Evelyn Cooper opened their first practice over 90 years ago on Grange Road in Middlesbrough town centre. The practice then moved to Borough Road where its iconic marble frontage with bright neon sign was quite the sight in the 1930’s which you can see in the image.

The business then became Cooper & Flower in the 1970s before changing to Cooper & Barr in 2012.

Now, Cooper & Barr have three practices in the North East & North Yorkshire including Stokesley, Sedgefield and Thirsk.